Boro Station is equipped with three separate parking garages in each Tower.

Tower 1 Garage & Visitor Parking
The parking garage for Tower 1 is the largest of the three and is the only one equipped to handle visitor and daily parkers. Tower 1’s garage can be accessed either via the entrance at the main circle (straight ahead if you’re coming down Solutions Drive), or via the first garage entrance on the Route 7 side of the building.

Towers 2 & 3 Garages
The parking garages for Towers 2 & 3 are secured at all times and are reserved for monthly permit holders only. Parkers in these two garages are pre-approved through the Property Management Office, and have access loaded onto their access fob.

The Boro District is participating in a Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program, called The Boro Connect, to promote the use of public transportation and provide commuter guidance. We encourage all tenants to participate in the program!